The girls, do not let us face the face, if there is one thing we like, apart from the wine or the chocolate of course, it is to wear beautiful sexy lingerie. In the days of boned corsets that left women barely able to breathe or move, comfort was not an option. It was implied that good women did not walk everywhere and did not need them. It was also based on the assumption that women did not need to go out into the world.

Their job was to care for their husbands, their homes and their families. Comfort was not in the equation. Not to mention that lingerie was not for ordinary women and that it was therefore a carrier of prestige and merit. But as times have changed and women have become more active in the political, economic and social spheres, lingerie around the world has undergone a huge change. He is not’ address not to the woman, nor to herself, nor to the comfort and sex appeal she needs. Lingerie had to modernize by being less restrictive. There is lingerie and intimate clothes for all occasions that are of great comfort and flexibility for all tastes and all body types today.

The Present Day Designers

Today, designers are shifting this sexy garment to comfort, movement and practicality on a daily basis, as well as elegance and glamor. Not only does this design trend speak volumes about marketing, but it also reveals a lot about women in today’s society. We women are rather demanding and uncompromising when it comes to fashion, and anyone trying to say otherwise would be a shameless liar. We must constantly be on top of our makeup, our eyebrows must be “on flee” whatever this damn “on flee”, our hair must be styled, and our outfits must match. ┬áMake a visit to to understand the kind of clothes in latex we can have now.

It reinforces your confidence

Although lingerie has been worn for centuries for the pleasure of the opposite sex, it is no longer the priority of women today or in the past. Today, it is more about a notion of self-image and a feeling of attraction for oneself than for others. It’s about feeling good about yourself and knowing that you’re sexy even when you’re not showing it to everyone.

We live in a world dominated by men, and even though times change for the better, women still do not have the “benefits” that men seem to have. Add to this the fact that society is also putting such pressure on women to always love towards everything and it becomes obvious why so many women are suffering from a low level of confidence and low self-esteem.


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