Massage Parlour

If you’re planning to go to a massage parlour for the first time, it’s important to know both what it is that you are looking for, and how to behave when booking and when you arrive. Knowing exactly what to do and say will not only ensure that you have a good time, it’ll also put you in the good books of the staff who will be happy to welcome you back again. If you know what to expect and also what is expected of you, you’ll be much more relaxed and engaged during your visit.

Do Your Research

Before choosing an establishment, it’s best to do some research beforehand. You should know what you are looking for from a massage service, and find a place which has the facilities and services available to meet your requirements. Find out everything that you can about the place, such as when it’s open, whether or not you need to book an appointment, how many girls are on staff, how they rate based on service, age and appearance, and whether they offer the services which you want. You should bear in mind that a legally registered and licensed parlour won’t offer any services which are against the law.

Personal Hygiene

Once you have picked a place, booked an appointment and are ready to go, it’s important that you have good personal hygiene. Make sure that you are clean and dash, as you’re going to be much more likely to have a good time if the girl attending to you isn’t repulsed by your body odour or bad breath. If you smoke or drink a lot of coffee, it’s a good idea to take along some chewing gum or breath mints with you to make sure that you’re fresh.

What to Take

Depending on the type of massage Montreal parlour you are visiting, deciding what to take is important. You should only take as much money with you as you plan to spend, and it might be a good idea to leave any credit cards or identifying information at home, although you could opt to leave these items in your car once you get to the place. However, if you’re visiting a parlour which is in a seedy part of town, be careful what you take with you just in case there are any criminals hanging around waiting for an opportunity.


Once you have arrived at the parlour, you should have a look around for anything suspicious before you go inside. Make sure that the parlour’s license is clearly displayed for you to see, and that anybody hanging around has left before you go in. It’s always better to be safe than sorry, and anything which makes you feel uneasy or worried is a good reason to leave. If the parlour you have chosen is legal, you won’t need to worry about law enforcement or being caught breaking the law.

Finding a good massage parlour and knowing what to do when booking and visiting is essential if you want to enjoy your visit.