A Good Client Part

Do not start conversation which will provoke controversy. This includes topics such as racism, sexism, religious views, homophobic slurs or any other extremist topics. It’s a mood killer and makes our Manchester escorts uncomfortable. The same goes for your own mood. If you are feeling depressed, morbid, or even suicidal our escorts will not see you. They should not be used in place of therapists or guidance counsellors. Do not make a booking with one of our escorts in Manchester if you are heavily under the influence of drugs or alcohol either. Our escorts do not want to clean you up.

Understand the screening process and the reason behind it. We require you to show identification at the time of booking and this is because we need to keep all our Manchester escorts safe and secure, and you too. If anything negative takes place there’s a record of who has seen who. We understand you may be reluctant to put your name out there, but worry not, we hold your details in the highest of confidentiality.

Please don’t try to bribe our escorts. They don’t respond well to it. Gifts or extra money, it’s not acceptable and you need to realise that the escort may have other clients to see after you. The same goes for threats. Threats of any kind towards any of our escorts in Manchester whether it be threats of violence or threats to expose their work will not under any circumstances be tolerated.

You’ve been given loads of advice now on how to be a good client and to keep yourself in good standing with Manchester escorts, so realise how lucky you are and don’t blow it!